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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

1969: Now that was fun! Everyone looked great, Carter was particularly beautiful in hippie gear and Teal'c made quite the cool cat. Speaking of cats in the scene where the SG:1 team sit in the young Catherine Langford's parlor and try to extract from her the location of the mothballed stargate there is the continual meowing of a cat in the background. No cat is ever seen. Anyone know what that's about?

I would have liked to have known what happened to the hippie couple, if they dodged the draft or if the poor guy went off to Vietnam. I'd hoped we'd see them 30 years later.

And GO General Hammond, keeping all that under wraps and checking out Carter's hands every day I guess he did a good job not letting on he knew who Teal'c was when he first met him, and that he was going to be one of them.

Everyone looking like they've had a little too much LDS.

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