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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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You mean news off the internet that is written by reporters who are supported by either newspapers or news websites like Huffington Post?
Remember "Monitor Duty" in the JLA? That's from as far back as the 70's so the reporter angle was pretty much obsolete then.
I was more addressing your point about where PEOPLE get their news from. Not Kent.
Yeah, I did jump tracks there. Sorry Prof.

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That's the 1930s Superman.
Well, that's sorta the point, IMO. It's a carryover that's not really needed. Like how people point to Trek and bemoan the lack of a tech update relative to the real world because people are used to certain things. Communicators having less functions than a cell phone as an example.

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The end of your logic is: Why does Clark Kent even need to exist? Clark could just sit in his spandex all day listening for trouble.
It does end up there, yeah. Personally, I'd be okay with that. The "not needing to be Clark" part, obviously the sitting part would be a bit of a bore.

Or he could pretty much wander freely as Clark without really ever having to worry about having his identity exposed.

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It also allows a writer to have a way to tell MORE stories than Clark in Spandex swooping in because he heard Brainiac was robbing a bank.
It does, but it's not the only way to tell those stories. In an era when technology gives everyone the ability to get themselves out there, the reporter angle just feels dated to me, though YMMV.

I am waiting for the softback of Action to come out, so how well do they represent modern tech and social media in the nu52? You'd think some heroes would blog about the whole hero gig, or have a website. Or do the Tarantula thing and write a book about the hero community and experience.
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