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Re: 30 minute video diary of Destination Star Trek London

Hey, guys! I've been back from DSTL for a couple of days, but the "Trek high" Welshslider mentions is fortunately not so quick to wear off. This was definitely an experience I'll treasure for a long, long time.

First of all, Miss Pumpkin, I so want to smack myself over the head for not reading your PM in due time. I would have loved to meet you and share that wonderful time with you. Maybe we'll get another chance.

I completely agree that the general atmosphere at a Trekkie gathering like that is one of friendship and communion. I loved being there with people that I didn't really know, but with whom I felt such a strong connection. That's all great.

I pretty much made the best of the event and did as many talks, photo shoots and autographs as I could. Probably THE highlight of the convention for me was seeing the 5 captains together on stage. That was amazing! They're all so nice and funny, and they actually get along in real life. It's great to see how well they work together and they actually seemed excited to be there. In fact, another thing I love about conventions is that the actors themselves are so friendly and you really feel like we're all on the same level, just a huge bunch of friends hanging out for the weekend.

I was also pretty excited to see and meet William Shatner. He was actually nicer than what I'd heard from various people. He was hilarious during his talk! I managed to get an autograph from him as well.

I also met and got autographs from most of the actors there, and I had a nice little chat of my own with Jeff Combs. What a lovely man he is! Brent Spiner is incredibly cool. When I went to get his autograph, he started singing a song with my name in it. Don't know if he was making it up or if it was a real song, but I was one happy Trekkie at that moment. A few people, including Casey Biggs, were surprised that I'd come all the way from Romania for the con. The invariable remark on the subject was, "Wow, that's dedication!"

I attended Scott Bakula's two talks, one of Shatner's and one of Pactrick Stewart's. Scott sang again, both times, and it was fantastic. He has an amazing voice. Oh, and he actually sang a few notes from "Faith of the Heart", if you can believe that. He didn't want to sing more because a lot of people hate that song, so he sang something from Quantum Leap and "Rocket Man" instead. He really was on a roll last weekend. He was incredibly funny.

I also managed to talk to him during the autograph session. I thanked him for being so nice to his fans and I got a promise that he'll do another London show if he gets invited.

Well, anyway, this was a pretty amazing experience for me, even if the organization of the event was a little less than stellar and the merchandise was overpriced. I'm very, very happy I went.
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