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Re: Why didnt Data create Lal v2.0?

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One, I would believe most parents would agree with you that you shouldn't have a child if you can't ensure their safety. In this case if a child is going to die due to an error that you can't resolve on your part, bringing another child into the world you know to die would be morally questionable at best.
I disagree. If all parents thought the same way, the human race would've never gone past caves.

What do you think about children with fatal illnesses? Should those parents give up on those kids and euthanize them? What about children born with disabilities? Should Geordi LaForge's parents give up on him because he was born blind and will have a harder time growing up? Should parents give up getting pregnant because they had a misborn?

No. Parents would do their best to find a cure or make those kids' lives as fruitful as possible. Life doesn't give up. And neither should Data.

Just because Data had problems with his first child he shouldn't give up. Results will vary with proceeding offsprings. We can't assume Lal v2.0 will have the same complications as Lal v1.0. Is it possible for Lal v2.0 to go thru the exact same events as Lal v1.0 did? No.

There'd be a lot more support from StarFleet to ensure Lal v2.0 is successful. Data will have Commander Bruce Maddox, Vice Admiral Anthony Haftel, and all of his friends, giving their full support and resources.

As for Julianna Soong's remark, I need to find time to watch that episode again.
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