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Re: Futureproofing (for viewing) the next Trek TV series

I can understand why recording with a Red camera is done now for alot of movies / small projects.

Having everything in uber high quality allows for future re-releases into whatever new common format is necessary.

It's a nice future-proofing tool.

As far as the whole 1080p deal, I honestly can't see the public transitioning to whatever new standard the TV conglomorates are trying to propose this soon.

Things like UHD takes alot of time to get a consensus on between all the tech companies. It takes even longer for adoption.

Look how long it took for the masses to go to 720/1080p HD TV's.

How many years did SD TV's reign supreme in terms of number of people using that format TV. Pretty much since the beggining of TV.

Only in the mid to late 2000-2010's did HDTV start ruling.

HDTV started getting it's act together around the early 1990's.

The fact that it took that long just to transition off of one standard.

The public is also usually weary of any major format changes.

It's always a long process to get the masses converted onto new standards.
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