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Re: The Micro Machine sets

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Still proudly display my micromachine fleet!

Think you can show some close-ups of some of the ones from Set III? I'm espeically curious about the Big "E", Voyager, and the Saratoga.

Plus I'm curious how the HMS Bounty stacks up with the regular Bird of Prey.

Looking at this collection, I'm suddenly reminded that for the initial 3-packs they came out with (1 TOS, 1 Movie, 1 TNG), the TNG came out with the Borg Cube, the Warbird, and the Vor'Cha before the Enterprise-D, which wouldn't come out until the second batch of 3 packs. What was up with THAT??? Could they not get licensing rights for it at first? Did they really think kids wanted to play with a Borg Cube before the "D"?

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Nice. Still got mine too. I loop string around them and hang them on the christmas tree.

Kind of which they had created the following ships:

Klingon STI Battle cruiser and Kronos I from STVI

Saladin destroyer and Federation Dreadnought from TOS ( I know the cannon is questionable but why not give the nod to Joseph.)

A pack of the original 13 Constitution class star ships would have been pretty sweet too.
Those are some long shots, especially the non-canon stuff.

The movie Klingon battle cruiser might've looked too close to the OS cruiser to bother
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