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Re: Abandoned and damaged starships

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I've always wondered this:

How long did it take Kirk to convince Commodore Wesley (and the other two ship captains) that he (Kirk) was NOT responsible for the deadly attacks on their vessels?

Obviously at the end, it is clear to all concerned that M-5 was responsible as neither Kirk or any member of his crew is under arrest.


THROUGHOUT, the M-5 controlling the Enterprise attack on the task force, Commodore Wesley seems to ASSUME that Kirk has gone mad.

EVERY reference by Wesley to the attack, mentions Captain Kirk. Not one of them mentions M-5.

"Full Phasers?! What the devil is Kirk doing!?!!"

"Captain! Jim! Have you gone mad? What are you trying to prove? Call off the attack! Jim! We have fifty three dead here! Twelve on the Excalibur".
Because as far as Wesley knows, there is an infallible on/off switch installed on Kirk's chair controlling M5. He had no idea that M5 could ignore that switch and assumed Kirk was entirely responsible for the Enterprise's actions.

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By the way.

How is it that one phaser hit early on only kills 12 on the Excalibur but the second attack kills the other 400 or so crew aboard? Wouldn't the Excalibur be somewhat more on guard and be trying to raise shields or at least take evasive action when the second one hit?
In TOS, rarely do phasers miss once they've got a lock. Also, we know that phaser damage depends on distance to target (as well as power applied). So, the first time Excalibur was hit it could've been too far away to cause many casualties. The second time, the Enterprise seemed to have better control of it's attack direction and came in from the side getting a hit that's effect spanned the whole ship. The Excalibur might have still been struggling to get her shields and/or power up at that point with possibly most of her command crew dead from the first hit (speculation).
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