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Re: Is SF in a state of exhaustion?

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Actually, "alternate universe" might be a better term for all fictions.
A better way of saying it; let me also acknowledge here that sojourner's point above is persuasive.

Having read almost none of the works cited in Kincaid's article, I am in no position to comment on whether current works support his thesis or not. But it might be a symptom of a larger issue, which was mentioned in some of the responses to it: that popular culture in general is stagnating under the weight of duplication. 'All music sounds the same, all movies/games/TV looks the same, it's all remakes, sequels, etc.' In another forum discussing this phenomenon, someone suggested it was the Internet itself that was stifling creativity, due to the ease of copying, downloading and remixing. Perhaps it's infected books as well, even though it would seem most resistant to this trend.
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