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Re: TOS Botany Lab = "Outdoor" Recreation Area?

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"This is one of those items which belies the supposed infallibility of TMoST. The book came out between seasons 2 and 3. The "recreation area" is, I am given to understand, the first inclination to what would be become the holodeck on TNG. It also made an appearance on TAS ("Practical Joker," IIRC). The line about the set having already been built and the promise that it would be seen in season 3 is patently false."
No, it is not. TMoST refers to "4 major facilities" on the Rec deck:
1. large recreation area
2. main food preparation area
3. ship's laundry
4. exotic entertainment center (presumed to be holodeck)

Original quote: "Although this recreation area has never been shown in any past episodes, this set has now been built and will be seen in the third season."

In Season Three we saw the Herbarium as part of the recreation area (soundstage 8) for the first time, so the promise was kept.

I assume that the "Life Sciences Botanical Section" from "The Man Trap", where Sulu is enjoying his meal, connects somehow to the Herbarium.

Sorry, but no. If you read GR's comments that follow that he says, "THEREFORE WE INTEND TO BUILD A SIMULATED "OUTDOOR" RECREATION AREA WHICH GIVES A REALISTIC FEELING OF SKY, BREEZES, PLANTS, FOUNTAINS, AND SO FORTH." (Please note, the use of the capslock is straight from the book, I'm not just trying to be a dick... but the bold letters are mine, for emphasis.)

The "Herbarium" does not simulate being outdoors in any way. This promise fell short. I will concede that when writing this, such a plan may have been in the works and was assumed to have been finished by the time book was published, and even perhaps that the Herbarium was a compromised, lesser version of what Gene wanted (and eventually got in TAS and TNG) but I do not accept that this was exactly what Steve and Gene were describing in the book.

But I do agree with you in the assumption that the Life Sciences Section and the Herbarium are adjacent to each other and connect.

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Also, the herbarium set was a standing set and we no doubt would have seen more of it if had there been a fourth season. It was going to be featured in another third season episode as well -the title of which escapes me at the moment- but was cut from the final broadcast.

It wasn't a standing set. Standing sets are those which remain up all the time because they are needed more or less for every episode. The Bridge, Sickbay, Corridor, Crew Cabin, Briefing Room and Transporter Room were the standing sets. Everything else would be assembled for the scene and struck when they were done with it due to the limits of room on the stage. New parts of the ship were, wherever possible, redressed other sets. The briefing room especially gets a lot of mileage. IIRC, Engineering wasn't a standing set until year 2; before that it was assembled as needed out of wild components, which is why there is so much variation of the season 1 engine room. Other parts of the ship were also assembled as needed, including the Auxiliary Control Room and the Emergency Manual Monitor Room just to name a couple. the Herbarium would have been assembled as needed in just this manner, it was much too big and used much too infrequently to have been a standing set. It would be put together on a "set of the week" basis like, say, the Romulan Bridge in "Balance of Terror," or the audience chamber for Landru in "Return of the Archons" or any other one-off set for a given episode. Now, granted, these wild components could be stored to be used/redressed for later episodes, so it's not so special that the same space appeared in two episodes, especially since "And the Children Shall Lead" and "Is There In Truth No Beauty" were produced almost consecutively (ATCSL was in post and ITITNB was in pre-production as "Spock's Brain" was being shot between them) so it's not unreasonable to assume this was the only time the set was up.

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