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Re: What do you look for in a fan fic?

Personally, I look for a collection of vignettes / stand-alone stories that help fill in the blanks character-development-wise. I love a good slam-bang battle-scene entry but every now & then, I like a slow, suggestive / steamy bedroom scene to start things off.

I personally think the TOS, TNG, DS9. VOY stories & characters are mostly played-out. I like to see "lower decks" stories or all-new/original crews, ships, et al.

Post-Dominion War-era (ie: "Star Trek: Titan") perhaps on a frankenstein fleet vessel, or a story / series in the TMP-era set on a Loknar-Class or Phobos-Class vessel with ~NO~ references to Chapel, Spock, or Kirk. Maybe a spin-off from Sulu/Excelsior or Chekov or Styles (Enterprise-B).
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