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Re: Typhon Pact: Should I keep going?

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But you've already had the Dominon war on TV, the Borg massacre and the Romulan war in the books. After a while, it gets repetitive.
But there's been no Typhon Pact war. The TP arc is about cold war, not actual war. There's a world of difference between a war story and a cold war story.
There's been a lot of people killing a lot of other people. Or did I misinterpret Zero Sum Game, Plagues of Night and Raise the Dawn?

Death and destruction being the center of the 24th century books has gotten tiresome. I can see and hear and read about people killing other people on the 24-hour news channels and the Internet. TrekLit needs to take a step back from it.
I think it's unreasonable to expect Treklit not to be influenced by current events to some extent; all literature is influenced by the era in which it is produced.

But even as you conflate war stories with cold war stories and complain about there being too much violence, you're ignoring the numerous pieces of Treklit published in the past few years that aren't about such things -- basically, the entire TOS, TTN, VOY, and DTI lines.
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