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Re: 50th Anniversary Book Releases

If they're going for an "introduction to each Doctor" approach, and I agree they are, I don't know that any of those eighth Doctor books particularly work. They're all quite good, but The Turing Test and Father Time both work by being atypical eighth Doctor stories, and Alien Bodies, like an awful lot of Miles' Who fiction, backgrounds the Doctor and doesn't really capture him. I mostly read the arc-driven eighth Doctor books, so I don't know which ones precisely would work; maybe Vampire Science, The Year of Intelligent Tigers, or The City of the Dead?

The selections that give me pause are those for the first, second, fifth, and sixth Doctors. But really, I suppose that the second, fifth, and sixth never really had any standout PDAs, introductory or otherwise, so one selection is as good as another. Surprised they didn't go with The Witch Hunters for the first, though, as it's always been popular, it's not inaccessible, and it's by an established NSA author. But I haven't read it, so maybe there's a problem I'm not aware of.
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