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Re: 50th Anniversary Book Releases

The Wormhole wrote: View Post
I'm a bit disappointed though, I was hoping they would write a new novel for each Doctor, either as a paperback or mini-hardcover like the NSAs. *Sigh.*
There are rumblings of a project along those lines for 2013. According to a poster on Outpost Gallifrey (this thread if you're a member there), there's to be monthly eBooks in 2013, one Doctor a month from January to November. If so, I'd expect them to be novella-length, like Pocket's Star Trek: SCE eBooks of a decade ago.

Brendan Moody wrote: View Post
I agree with that blogger that some of the choices are baffling, while others are pretty solid. I wonder who the introductions will be by.
It's an odd line-up, but I see the logic. Mostly. It's not a "best of" series, it's an "introduction to each Doctor" series aimed at the market that's discovered Doctor Who in the last decade, not the market who bought these books originally. I'm sure that the BBC wanted a Dalek book in the series, but there aren't many choices (John Peel's EDAs are not standouts, and Prisoner of the Daleks, while a top-notch book, is widely available now and is something that the target audience for these reprints would likely have).

The one that I can't see the logic for is Earthworld, unless the BBC criteria was that they had to have a Jac Rayner novel, but even then Wolfsbane is an infinitely better choice as a Rayner eighth Doctor novel (even though it's mostly a fourth Doctor novel). Picking the novel to represent the eighth Doctor was always going to be tricky, because there's so many more of them to choose from. Honestly, my first choice would have been Paul Leonard's The Turing Test, followed by Lawrence Miles' Alien Bodies, then Lance Parkin's Father Time.
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