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Re: Is SF in a state of exhaustion?

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So the store was one of those who mis-shelved the fantasy in with the sci-fi...
There's such a thing as a Science Fiction And Fantasy section, which is true of basically all bookstores I've regularly frequented. Grouping them together isn't exactly uncommon (and given the ambiguously genrebending works that many of these articles talk about, it's also a little conveinent).

I mean I dunno. Yeah, my bookstore has some TV&M books, but they actually take up a small fraction of the shelf space given over to SF&F (and are seperated). There's a lot of fantasy, true, but there's still a lot of science fiction titles, and it's dependable in having the latest Sci-Fi Masterworks releases from Gollancz (a series that has served me dependably for almost a decade now).

It can be frustrating if I'm looking for a specific author - the Le Guin selection, for example, feels waifishly thin - but given the space allocated and granted the popularity of fantasy fiction there's a lot of SF available (and the tomes that make up Mr. Reynold's Revelation Space series were quite nicely lined up when I last checked...)

And besides, honestly, ebooks. It's a boon for getting anything less-than-pervasive, or possibly out of print.
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