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Re: The Cancellation Game - October

The problem with the mob doctor is that she's too nice.

She's supposed to be a fricking mob doctor not a Sunday school teacher.

Compared to a regular Doctor like Greg House... She has a moral compass that points to Unicron land.

there was an plotline in Nip Tuck where JUlians girlfriend with half a medical degree kept "borrowing" their surgery to commit organ harvesting surgeries... the first few thye just took bits, but then they got greedy and all that was left over when they finished wit their last patient was a leaky sack.

Doc Cottor from battle star galactica?

He was Beligerant and constantly smoked, even while doing surgery.

The mob Doctor wasn't corrupted or seduced, she was was paying off a debt.

Idiot thought she had scruples and a conscience.

After the mob took to her mother with a hammer, lets see how powerful her conscience still seems?
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