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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

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Who's Richard Matheson?
Okay, that just hurts . . .

The Incredible Shrinking Man, I Am Legend, The Night Stalker, Somewhere in Time, What Dreams May Come, Duel, A Stir of Echoes, Hell House, TOS's "The Enemy Within," numerous classic episodes of original Twilight Zone, including "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" and "Steel" . . . .

Basically, one of the most influential sf and horror writers of the last century. Trust me, you've seen something written by Matheson or based on one of his books or stories. He also scripted several of the old Roger Corman "Poe" movies starring Vincent Price.

(Full disclosure: I've been Richard's editor for over twenty years now.)
You guys are a tough crowd. You don't remember this?
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I'm not sure anyone ever accused Richard of being a hard-science guy. He's more rooted in the Twilight Zone school of sf/fantasy/horror . . .
Granted, but then he should just stay away from the explanations.

I'm referring to three egregious errors. The first is the announcement that the main character shrinks by "one-seventh of an inch per day", a nice round number which means he loses an inch a week. He also refers to that as a constant rate.
I believe even Richard regrets the one-inch-a-week thing now, which he concedes was a little too glib and convenient.

(Full disclosure: I've been Matheson's editor for decades now, although Shrinking Man was bit before my time!)
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Oh, cool. Well, tell him he's got a casual fan who's still creeped out by "Shipshape Home" 33 years after first reading it.
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