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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

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Richard Matheson is legend.

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(Full disclosure: I've been Richard's editor for over twenty years now.)
Did I ever tell the story of the nice letter I got from him in the early 80s?

I'll probably tape The Raven tonight. I think that's the only one of the bunch that I don't have on DVD, but I'm not sure. I'll check later on.

No, I don't know that story. What did Richard have to say?

The Raven is a fun movie. I always look forward to it as a kid, long before I ever dreamed of working with Matheson professionally, and even arranged a screening on campus back in my college days.

Be aware, though, that, unlike the other Corman films, The Raven is very much a horror-comedy being played for laughs, and has only a tenuous connection to the original poem. Price and Karloff play dueling wizards, while Peter Lorre plays the Raven. (Really.)

And did I mention that a very young Jack Nicholson is cast as Pete Lorre's son?
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