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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Meh, it's looking more and more liek cashing in the STF items is teh way to go...

newest blog informs us that Cryptic is looking the converted items away until you reach Tier 5 Omega Reputation.
I mostly like the new system, since I don't grind Elite STF's, but that's just weird. Unless you also use the rep and new borg commodity (why not just keep EDC's? they sound like pretty much the same thing, but more macabre) to buy gear, you're going to want to use this stuff to tier up. I could understand that they might not want to flood the market...except, there is no market. All the STF stuff is bind-on-pickup, as far as I'm aware; only the dil rewards can be traded for anything (I guess you could vendor it for EC, but why?).

Don't like that it looks like it will take idle time, in addition to grinding. That works for doff missions only because that is the only things doffs do.

Interesting to note that fleet projects were balanced for 25 players. I wonder if that means active, contributing players only - that would explain a lot.
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