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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

Valentine is a disciplinarian? Okay.

He never tried to instill discipline. Calling players out publicly and trying to turn everyone against one another is not discipline. The players didn't rally behind Valentine because he's not a leader. He's a narcissistic blowhard who thinks he knows better than everyone else. He's not interested in anything that doesn't make him look good. I had low expectations for him when he was hired, but he turned out to be even worse than I thought.

I think it's telling that John Henry and Larry Lucchino were out there, front and center, during Valentine's press conference when he was announced as manager, but during Farrell's press conference neither of them were anywhere to be seen until Lucchino came out to answer a few questions after the press conference had ended. Hopefully they've realized that the guy they wanted (Valentine) didn't work so well and will back off a bit this year and let Cherington do his job properly.
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