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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Hatari! - DVD
Bachelorette - free admission
Hotel Transylvania 3D - free admission
Looper - free admission
Won't Back Down - free admission
Taken 2 - free admission
Pitch Perfect - free admission
Frankenweenie 3D - free admission
The Perks of Being a Wallflower - free admission
Miami Connection (1987) - employee screenin'
Salt - DVD
The House at the End of the Street - theater
Wake in Fright - free admission
Sinister - free admission
Beer is Cheaper than Therapy - matinee
Here Comes the Boom - free admission
Argo - free admission
End of Watch - matinee
Paranormal Activity 2: Unrated Director's Cut - DVD
Paranormal Activity 3 - DVD
The Mummy (1932) - free admission
Creature from the Black Lagoon 3D - free admission
Paranormal Activity 3: Unrated Director's Cut - DVD
Alex Cross - matinee
The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training - DVD
The Bad News Bears Go to Japan - DVD
An American Werewolf in London (1981) - free admission
Paranormal Activity 4 - free admission

Got together with my friend Chellis this mornin' for PA4!

God, what a riot that movie was...just ridicuously silly "hauntings" and character motiviations & history that don't even make sense.

Pretty inconsistent, too, with how things in the house are supposed to work.

We stuck around for the postcredit bonus scene for the Mexican spinoff...I hope that its all in Spanish, no subtitles, and American audiences just have to figure out what's up from the reactions & sound effects.
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