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Re: First view of SOTL 2011 Vertical Romulan Warbird

I dunno - I always liked the idea of the vertical warbird. Anything that deviates from standard "tropes" (that's the trendy new word to describe such things now-a-days, yes?) is always welcome to me. As silly as I thought the Hugh episodes were, I loved the asymmetrical Borg ship, and of course the Breen battlecruiser for the same reason - totally different and very alien.

Although I think understand why you rotated the wings in the beginning as, IIRC, it was because of the horizontal nature of television aspect ratio and it would have filmed better that way. Is that correct?

In any case, I think it rocks and, if it were ever actually seen on screen, it would have no doubt given even Picard great pause before pissing off her commander, considering the Enterprise-D looks like it would not have been much bigger than that monster's head/primary hull!

Question - did this ship ever have an official/unofficial class name? We all know the standard Warbird to be D'deridex, but I was curious about this one.
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