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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Want him to look contemporary? Then you're going to have to take a good look out the window, and see how things are done in 2012. It's time to ditch the horse and buggy and get an automobile. Most people get their news off the internet, not from newspapers. So I hope DC has figured this out and doesn't go back.
You mean news off the internet that is written by reporters who are supported by either newspapers or news websites like Huffington Post?
Remember "Monitor Duty" in the JLA? That's from as far back as the 70's so the reporter angle was pretty much obsolete then.
I was more addressing your point about where PEOPLE get their news from. Not Kent.

As I said, Clark Kent being a reporter was for a very specific reason. And that reason was because he lived in a world with limited access to information. He didn't have telescopic vision, super hearing, couldn't fly and dealt mainly with events in a localized area and so the local information hub was a newspaper.
That's the 1930s Superman.

Clark Kent does not need to be a "reporter" anymore since he only needed to be one in order to be near the radio's and phones when emergencies came in. Considering that people have a one stop device that has camera, video, phone, and messaging capabilities, and considering how many emergency events are reported by regular folks, it makes sense for Clark to be manning a desk where this information comes in. In other words...the low tech version of Monitor Duty, except it's more difficult to get away than the JLA version of it....because the latter is dedicated to seeing and responding.
The end of your logic is: Why does Clark Kent even need to exist? Clark could just sit in his spandex all day listening for trouble.

Clark Kent is a reporter for nostalgia's sake. Because he's always been one and that's what people are used to. It's also a perfect example of why he's considered stale by alot of people. It's time to bring the "Man Of Tomorrow" into the world of today.
Him being a reporter, also allows him to be a hero in a different way. It also humanizes him. It gets him involved with people in a different way than saving them from Trouble of the Week.

It also allows a writer to have a way to tell MORE stories than Clark in Spandex swooping in because he heard Brainiac was robbing a bank.
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