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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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^True, but even so, I'd say the BBC Sherlock manages to stand out from the pack and seem pretty distinctive. So it's obviously doable.
But not because of its cases, which are modern remixes of the Doyle stories. It's more to do with the distinctive stylistic elements that Steven Moffat brings to it.

I realize the Elementary writers have many more episodes to put out, so the mysteries aren't going to be as original or unique. But I at least think Sherlock himself could stand out a bit more than he does on this show.
Whereas I think I may prefer Elementary's version to Sherlock's. The latter is too exaggerated, like just about everything Moffat does, and the so-called "sociopath" angle is played up too much. I also got quite tired of what a jerk Dr. House was all the time. If this version of Holmes is a little more amiable, I'm entirely okay with that.

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A glance at the current episode list, however, suggests yet another "all homicide, all the time" series, much like the similarly Holmes-inspired L&O: CI.
Well, we did have a kidnapping case last week, though the kidnapper had murdered his earlier victims.

A ceaseless run of murder cases is, to me, perhaps the worst perversion of the duo's legacy, far more than bringing things to the present, or making Watson a woman.
I don't agree with either of those being a "perversion." Fiction is a creative exercise to begin with, so applying further creativity, finding new angles and approaches to a concept, is merely a continuation of the same spirit, not a corruption of it.
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