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Re: Is SF in a state of exhaustion?

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And if we didnít understand the present, what hope did we have for the future? The accelerating rate of change has inevitably affected the futures that appear in our fictions.
I reject this point utterly. One of the best things about well-written sf is that it can help us make sense of our world, and times of crisis and doubt about the future have always produced great genre fiction, from Wells to the 60s New Wave.
Agreed. However, Scifi is acting "exhausted" in that 90% of what's out there is :

a.-a sequel
b.-some video game/D&D/tv show based franchise story
c.-something written by Kevin J Anderson

While a bit of whimsy is inherent in "c", I point my finger at him as one of the most successful "hack" writers who I see as degrading the genre in recent times. he's got very little original thought(if any) and rides the coattails of any successful author he can. (Frank Herbert comes to mind). When new caught fish come to science fiction, they see his crap and think that's what its about. Its like a new wine drinker thinking screw top caps are "acceptable".
I worked at Borders from 2003-2006 and I watched the scifi section get taken over by his books, books about Halo, books about Drow Elves and a crap load of "magic in the modern world" books. The longer I was there, the harder it was to find the next Cory Doctorow or Alastair Reynolds...
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