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Re: Envisioning the world of 2100

Well that would've meshed with the European paintings of skeleton armies eating the living (that famously graced a bunch of Black Sabbath album covers), so the return of the hungry dead had been a theme for a while. As best I can remember, Night of the Living Dead didn't even have the second element of the theme, that getting bitten turns you into a zombie, just that the dead rise from the grave and start eating brains.

This of course applies to the SLS, which had been killed and buried as Ares, which had been killed and buried countless times as Shuttle-C variants, and had been killed as and buried as dozens of Saturn derived variants. Yet it walks again, eating all the funding, stalking all the NASA centers for the brains of any engineers not yet assigned to it. It was even born in a Senate demand that we find a way to re=use bodies instead of laying them off.
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