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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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^Despite Holmes's reputation, the appeal of the original stories was never really about cunning mysteries and brilliant deductions, but more about the characters of Holmes and Watson and the colorful adventures they got into.
Indeed. To me, one of the many strengths of Doyle's canon is how many cases don't revolve around plain ol' murder; robbery, blackmail, international intrigue and con jobs are just as likely to be brought to 221B. Also, sometimes Holmes and Watson side with the criminal, and on occasion there's no criminal, or even crime, at all.

A glance at the current episode list, however, suggests yet another "all homicide, all the time" series, much like the similarly Holmes-inspired L&O: CI.

I get that it's tough to do a forty-minute teleplay without murders, but my sympathies are not excited by that fact. A ceaseless run of murder cases is, to me, perhaps the worst perversion of the duo's legacy, far more than bringing things to the present, or making Watson a woman.
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