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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

Caught up on this week's Raw last night. Aside from the tag team match, Gabriel/Cesaro and Bryan/Ziggler, that was a pretty mediocre effort especially considering it was the Raw before a PPV. I actually fell asleep during the lumberjack match and didn't catch the end but it didn't sound like I missed anything.

I'm still not sold on Ryback/Punk and Sheamus/Show isn't any better. The AJ storyline makes zero sense because it blatantly violates the WWE's internal continuity as well as anything resembling logic--AJ is kayfabe single, Cena is kayfabe single (they've never brought up his real-life divorce AFAIK), and somehow their dinner date is a violation of WWE policies? All this while Vickie with Edge a few years back on Smackdown was perfectly acceptable. Really? I fully expect some retcons as part of wrestling angles, but this was borderline insulting to the audience's intelligence.

It also doesn't help that I can't stand Vickie Guerrero and want to fast-forward every time she appears. Between her, Ryberg and pretty much zero interesting angles aside from Team Hell No, the WWE is doing a fantastic job of driving me away.
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