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Re: Envisioning the world of 2100

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I recently read an interesting article on how the zombie genre was born from terrifying rabies outbreaks that once afflicted major cities like Paris, where you could be walking down an alley, get attacked by a rabid animal, and get turned into a mindless, vicious monster. It made sense.
I've heard the same. It does make a lot of sense. The way zombification and rabies work are too similar to be a coincidence.
Actually, Zombie mythology in general comes from certain voodoo legends. It's a spin on the Christian revelation mythology: on the day when God resurrects the dead from their graves, there comes a reckoning where the resurrected slaves rise up and seek revenge for being mistreated by their former masters. That's why the ORIGINAL zombie movies and folklore always involve the "undead" rising from their graves and seeking mayhem; this was originally a dig against slave owners, basically warning them "You'll get yours, buddy!"

Morphing into the "bite you/rabbid creature!" thing probably does derive from rabies panic, but that's really just a new spin on a 300 year old myth (much like sparkly vampires and witches that don't have sex with Satan).
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