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Re: Federation Law of restricting cloaking device

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Of course, that is thinking like rational humans. The Klingons would take advantage of that Day 1 Hour 1.
Doubtful. Individual Klingon warlords may be irrational hotheads, but you don't get to become Chancellor of the high council by throwing yourself into stupid fights you can't win. There's also the fact that slagging your enemy's homeworld probably takes more firepower than any one empire actually possesses, once you take defenses into account.

Heck, they went and wiped out the Tribble homeworld. The harmless Tribbles!
There are no words in the Klingon language to describe just how much they HATE tribbles. That one campaign alone probably required decades of systematic asteroid bombardment, not to mention the warriors needed to hunt the little bastards across the galaxy to the last one.

Having FTL sensors is vital to keep things in check in Star Trek just to have some viable defense perimeter, IMO.
But even then it's just a deus ex machina, since you now have to explain why your FTL sensor is powerful enough to scan an enemy fleet fifty lightyears away but not powerful enough to scan his homeworld for weaknesses, or why the alien ship that just snuck up on you wasn't visible 3 sectors away, or why you're unable to instantly locate the shuttlecraft that just escaped from you, or why that starship you've been searching for isn't already visible despite you being in the neighboring solar system. You build a bad rule, you have to start building exceptions to those rules until the rule itself stops making sense.

OTOH, the one problem with STL sensors is a potential strategic loophole that some enemy somewhere could exploit. Rather than tweek the rules to make this seem less possible, we'd probably be better off covering those loopholes with "I would love to see them try!"
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