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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

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Great news! I'm assuming they'll ignore the fact that in the Knots universe Bobby is dead, though that fact was never mentioned on the series again anyway.
It wouldn't be too hard to do. After the dream season was aborted, Shackleford and Van Ark only ever appeared on Dallas again during its final two episodes, as alternate versions of Gary and Valene. Through the course of the series though, Gary was mentioned numerous times. In the scope of Dallas, it'd be really easy to just ignore that little bit of discontinuity.

I myself will be very interested to see if any of these new younger cast members turn out to be Bobby and Betsy, Gary and Valene's twins from Knots.

At the very least I'd love to see Gary, Valene and Lucy together in at least one scene!

Looking forward to seeing Wersching too!
Me too!
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