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Just finished watching the highlights of Farrell's Boston introduction and it just pushed the knife in a little deeper. His years in Toronto were "invaluable experience." We were used so he could eventually run back to Boston with "experience."

I don't blame the GM for not holding onto him. He'd play out another subpar year and end his contract and then coming running back to the Red Sox.

Don't worry Boston, you won't be as bad as last year. A .500 team is better than what you had last year right? Oh and don't worry, you'll be a .500 team until your love affair with Farrell wears off.
Bitter much? I don't blame you, but if he wasn't that good, according to you, shouldn't you be happy?

I'm not saying Farrell will be great, or even good, but he's on track with management, and they are on track with him. For the first time since Sept of 2011, the whole team is on one track. Cherington has the manager he wants, and a roster with a MASSIVE amount of financial flexibility.

They won't win the division next year, but they'll be above .500, depending on the moves they make this offseason.
I am happy he's gone really. Even up until the Escobar incident, I was of the thinking of maybe he could still take the steps forward needed for this team. But then one of his players walks out with a gay slur written in his eye black. Sure, Farrell doesn't speak Spanish, but he doesn't ask what it says and the Spanish players don't raise an uproar? And then when it is discovered, Farrell treats it like Escobar double parked out front of the Rogers Centre. Now I'm not a crusader of gay rights, but in a city that had such a large gay community and an annual gay pride parade and that was his reaction, especially when the city's reaction was so intense? That started to raise some questions for me.

The only way this team (Toronto) will grow is if there is a teaching manager brought in, but one that will not put up with the silliness and lack of discipline that we saw in the Farrell era.

Farrell is not the anointed savior Boston is making him out to be. From what we saw, he was a sub-par manager. The city was shocked was Francona lost control of the clubhouse before he was fired? And the reaction when Valentine tried to instill some discipline? Farrell is part of the old Boston boys club. Of course the players left over are happy to see him, it means they have the run of the clubhouse again. I would hope most free agents realize that this team is poison and stay away from it.
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