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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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Started reading Work is Hard, Greg Cox's Pakled story in ST: Seven Deadly Sins. I'm not real far into it, but it's been pretty good so far. It's nice to get a TNG story set during the series with everybody still around.
That definitely was the biggest positive suprise for me in Seven Deadly Sins. From my review of the anthology from two years ago:

The anthology ends with Greg Cox’s Pakled story Work is Hard, featuring the sin Sloth. When the Enterprise intercepts a distress signal from a Pakled ship they’re not to keen to answer it given their history with Pakled distress signals, but ultimately have no choice. They soon learn that the emergency is real and Geordi, among those most disgusted by their past dealings with Pakleds, has to work closely with their engineer to help rescue the ship. Will he be able to make the engineer understand what to do in time?

Surprisingly, it’s a very decent story. To be honest I had my doubt if Cox, or anyone else for that matter, would be able to tell a readable story featuring the Pakleds so heavily, but he succeeded. Granted, the Pakled engineer seems to be one of the brighter bulbs in a sea of low-wattage ones, but he remains Pakled enough for me to let it slide. While in the end it remains what I guess it was aimed to be – the comic relief story – Cox was able to make it an engaging story, too, and you actually begin to root for Snollicob, the Pakled engineer. Work is Hard maybe isn’t the best story in the anthology, but the biggest positive suprise for me.

Thanks! I admit that writing 20,000 words about "Sloth" was a challenge.

Everybody else got the fun sins, like Lust and Wrath, but me . . . I got stuck with Sloth!
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