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What's the scale on that graph?
I don't think it has one, it's a really shite graph.

Behind the Lines (***)

Behind the Lines is the beginning of the end of the occupation arc, the pieces are being put in place for the two-part finale. With the minefield being brought down and Rom arrested, things have to come to a head soon. For the most part this episode is very successful at moving the plot forward and addressing relevant characterisation. The problem with the episode is, of course, the ending. I don't mind that they sent Odo off into a completely other place, but I know that this change for him will begin to change back in the next episode and be resolved in a closet in a few episodes. The lack of follow-through on this change in Odo cheapens the ending of this episode and undermines his arc here with the female Changeling. That's really unfortunate, because exploring that a little deeper would have been fascinating, but the writers apparently weren't prepared to do that. The result is messy, and the ending of this episode goes too far in making Odo seem aloof and uncaring about his friends. I know that it can be explained away as Odo experiencing some sort of post-orgasmic high from the link which soon wore off, but if that's all it is then don't present it as a bit of a cliffhanger.

Meanwhile, Sisko gets a bit of a promotion and is given a desk job away from the Defiant. This is a pleasant enough tale, but it is kinda pointless considering he's on the brink of retaking DS9 and this change for his position will be undone. As I said, it's a nice tale, and I actually somewhat appreciated that the story kept its focus on Sisko and didn't show us the actual battle Sisko sent the Defiant into. Jadzia isn't quite as convincing as Sisko during the ceremony of the used power-cell, you need a certain amount of craziness to make such a thing not seem cheesy and nobody on the show does crazy quite as well as Sisko.
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