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Na'vi-ish Treksters - JJ and Pine

Nice work everyone.

Okay, so this month being about costumes and all that, I decided to have some fun with an Avatarish theme. First, I started out with this trusty photo of JJ Abrams seen below:


It was the best one I could find of him doing a search. It'd be nice if he had some professional pictures taken so that his best photos aren't paparazzi pics from the red carpet. I like his freckly complexion, but like most people, his skin-texture is very uneven in these situations and it took some trying to get it smoothed out while still looking like human skin. Hopefully, with the Star Trek promos coming, he'll have a couple of professional pictures done for press junkets or something, and maybe one without the glasses. Anyway... here's my Na'vi-ish JJ.


I know the nose isn't too much like a Na'vi, but I wanted him to still be recognizable, and I've seen manips where the person before looks nothing like the Na'vi made after. I also made a Na'vi-sh Chris Pine. His photo was a lot easier to work with because he's an actor, and so that means he's got a number of professionally made photos to choose from. This was the one I picked (mainly because I already had it on file, lol.)


And here's what I ended up making:


A close-up:

One thing about these is that when I enlarged Chris' eyes, they were absolutely perfect the way that they were, but the blue eyes didn't look as good against blue skin, so I changed the color. I still might try another one where his eyes stay blue. Anyway, it was fun and in the spirit of the holidays.

Oh, and the hair really is the same color; it just looks red against the blue skin. Interesting. And "I see you," is from the Leona Lewis song of the same name (Avatar Movie Soundtrack) that was blaring in my head while I was making these, lol.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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