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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

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I guess it's nice that you gave her a nickname
Wasn't me!
Tucker: Look, Polly...I owe you an apology.
T'Pol: For trying to kill me back on that planet?
Tucker: Nope.
T'Pol: For putting the dog at my duty station and calling him T'Porthos?
Tucker: Nope.
T'Pol: For calling me Polly a minute ago?
How was I supposed to know that! I haven't gotten that far yet.

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Any by your logic, anything that happens after an initial agreement to something totally different makes what wasn't agreed to okay?
Huh? I never defended the rapist dude one bit. I just said that his crime doesn't change the fact that, by what we learn in "Stigma", Polly was irresponsible with regards to her own health by willingly engaging, before the encounter turned ugly, in a potentially dangerous act without getting him screened.

Again, by what we learn in "Stigma", she would have contracted the disease even if the meld had ended in mutually enjoyable fashion.
I don't know that this is the case because from what I remember of the episode, it didn't seem to say that any contact through melding would cause the syndrome to occur, so it's very possible, I think, that had her partner been responsible that she wouldn't have contracted the syndrome.

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^ See, that's where the contradictions come into play. "Stigma" makes it pretty clear that P'nar syndrome is universally known, feared and reviled, but how could that possibly be the case if melding is a forgotten technique? Which is itself a totally absurd idea, come to think of it.

So really, I guess I'm saying that both "Fusion" and "Stigma", while well-written and compelling eps on their own terms, should be considered non-canon.
I don't remember them saying it was a forgotten technique, just that only a certain subculture of their species practiced it. Canon is whatever happened in the series, but there's good canon and bad canon. I'm not sure that this episode falls into the latter category, well, because I don't know enough about Vulcans to know. I just think it was wrong of that guy to talk her into something when he knew he was infected (how could he not know?), but of course he only cared about his own personal satisfaction, so...


This episode was also interesting. How that government could just capture people and send them to jail with no real evidence was sad. If they had bothered checking into Trip and Archer's story, then a whole lot of trouble could have been avoided. I'm sure the same is true for other innocents.

Grade: B
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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