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Re: Star Ship AJAX Production

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Alec - we are getting ready to tape & paint soon (possibly this weekend, 10-27-12), and then more pics, and maybe a new vid... cross your fingers. Also, some other BIG news as far as our progress... Everyone is on Cloud 9 here!
J.C. I consider you guys our brother production. We have been through the trench warfare together. ;-)

I am excited for the photos and video. The more detail you can put into it, the better for everyone. You never know who in the future will want to build a bridge set. And while James Cawley and you guys are so very open with everyone, it would be nice to have a photo-guide of sorts. Plus it is a great story.

Seems everyone I deal with at Ajax is passionate and giving. Based on my interactions with John, and to a lesser extent you, I started chatting with Jim, and he is as nice as can be. You guys have a great team.

And I love the insignia!

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