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Actually saw a tweet earlier that said "Why should I pay Licence fee money to a bunch of paedophile protectors?" Yeah, because that's exactly what happened. Jimmy Savile was shagging kids in front of his bosses and they decided to keep it secret, not even kept it secret but defended him to their very last breaths... Oh, wait.
Jimmy Savile must've been helped by willing accomplices around him and intimidated people who couldn't speak out at time, but most other people in the BBC seemed to be ignorant enablers, being taken in by his goofy facade and keeping him around because he was a successful family entertainer famed for selflessly raising money for charity and working around hospitals.

The BBC today can share some blame by allowing a sack of shit the size of Mt. Everest to blow up in a uncontrolled manner (by cancelling the Newsnight probe, going forward with their gushing Jimmy Savile tribute, and unwisely allowing their ITV rivals an opening to deliver a huge blow with their own Savile exposure documentary). But Jimmy Savile seemed to have had a talent at running rings around many people anyway (in his autobiography he boasted about manipulating and blackmailing local corrupt cops back in his 1950s dancehall days).

Jimmy Savile, like too many other successful psychopaths/sociopaths/criminal narcissists who are given a wide remit in a powerful organisation, has left the BBC in disarray and spread a lot of poison about.

If the BBC gets dismantled, then Jimmy Savile has won: two charities founded and operated in his name have already been shut down.

It's easy to point fingers in hindsight, it's easy to believe that people must have known. But basically what you have is what appeared to be an eccentric bloke, doing good work for charity and had rumours spread about him... just rumours that happen to be true.
Then you get the tinfoil hatted nutters, who for years widely spread the Savile rumours, getting vindicated by most of the Savile rumours being officially confirmed true. They also claim other crazy shit, denouncing Jimmy Savile as a high priest of the Illuminati and a child pimp to global elites.

One other unconfirmed rumour is that Savile also liked fucking dead bodies.
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