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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

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Thus far, Rumple's been directly connected to 4 other characters' backstories: Cinderella; Belle; Hook; and Regina. When you're dealing with a series that has, to date, featured 11 main characters and a host of major recurring characters, that is a mere 'drop in the bucket'.
I can't remember. Was he connected to Jiminy Cricket, too?

It was also revealed that he taught Cora magic, and they clearly have a history that has yet to be spelled out.
Yea he's directly related to Jiminy's backstory. Jiminy's parents were thieves who travelled as puppeteers and had Jiminy steal purses during the performances. Jiminy wanted out and went to Rumple who gave him a potion to use on his parents, but his parents sold it as a 'cure' for a plague to a young couple and it turned them into wooden puppets leaving behind a son(Gepetto).
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