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New Cast & Crew Info from IMDB (Warning: Could Contain Spoilers)

I just looked at the Into Darkness casting page and noticed a bunch of new entries.

Among them (And I do apologize if some of these were already mentioned elsewhere):

Bea Billingslea as Captain Abbott
Ariel Diane King as a Star Fleet Civilian
Breng McGee Enterprise Crew Engineer
Joanathan Dixon Weapons Officer Neville
Kasia Kowalczyk as a Grasia Alien

Some odd ones (are these real?)
Britanni Johnson as an NYU Nurse?
Omid Zader as a Meter Maid
Katie and Kellie Cockrell as "Sexy Girl 1 & 2"
Pett Montzingo as "Bar Patron 2"

More here:

If you look, there seems to be A LOT of information on here including the filming crew, etc. Pretty much the entire Credit Roll. Apparently even the likes of Weller, Urban, Pegg and Yelchin have stunt doubles.
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