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Re: Wouldn't make a great film?

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Those togas were made of a fine mesh mail, so they were cool.

Commander Raytas who is that hot man in your avatar?

I am glad you asked, my friend. His name is Rob James-Collier, and he plays the bad guy in a costume drama / very expensive soap called Downton Abbey (ITV). It's awesome, and the young man in question is refreshingly evil.
I was wondering that as well. Not a fan of the bad-boy myself, but he is very easy on the eyes
Isn't he just?

People have been asking me about him, and I've only had the avatar for, I think, 2 days. LOL.

Anyway, the Dowager Countess of the show is played by Maggie Smith, a.k.a. Professor McGonnagall out of Harry Potter. Her one-liners in Downton Abbey are priceless.

Also, with that thread gone crazy in mind that dealt with the subject of a gay character in Star Trek, Rob's character Thomas is gay, but that is not his defining characteristic. It's just part of him. If they included someone like him (never mind the looks) in ST, I would be sooooo happy.

I'm glad to be of (fan)service to all them boys and girls who appreciate a little eye-candy.
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