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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #63: Welcome Aboard!

O'Brien: You mean this isn't Starfleet Medical's secret experimental lab?
Bashir: No, it's not. It's the cafeteria.
O'Brien: Crap. And...that?
Bashir: Salisbury synth tank.
O'Brien: So not the experimental White analog processor.
Bashir: No, it is not.
O'Brien: And these....
Bashir: Are not surgically-altered Jem'Hadar supersoldiers. They are the lunch ladies.
O'Brien: Are you sure, Julian?
Bashir: Yes, Miles. Quite sure.

O'Brien: Sir, I mean, it's a nice impression and all, but - I've seen the Don Rickles hologram at Vic's, and I don't remember him threatening to send the audience to Pah Wraith hell.

Eddington: Sorry. I thought you were a studio executive.

Bashir: Is that a bobcat or an ocelot?
Jake: Ooh, that is the elusive nocturnal Caracal.
Bashir: Caracal.
Jake: Caracal.
Bashir: Looks hungry.
Jake: Yep.
Bashir: Caracal.

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