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Re: THE HOBBIT (2012/2013): News, Rumors, Pics Till Release

I honestly understand what you are getting at. That said, three films still seems bloated.

Let me tell you this:
My mother read the Hobbit when us kids were younger. She enjoyed the break from reality and would find herself lost in the book - during the short times us kids were napping. A few years ago when this project was being bandied about in the Hollywood news bits, she was eager to see it, and eager to know that the people behind the Lord of the Rings films were making it.

When I told her it was three films, she was actually upset and didn't want to see it anymmore. She thought it was ridiculous. Honestly, I think her view might be shared by the "non-nerd, non fanboy" type who just wants to go and see the Hobbit put on screen, something where thse people can pay their ticket and get a complete story.

The point is that, while you are correct in what you are saying, you are also missing the point. I don't know if the whole three-film thing has even sunk in for the casual Hobbit fans, but it will eventually, and, when it does, this group of people (these casual fans generally familiar with the Hobbit story but uninterested in the actual production-aspects of Hollywood films) will, at best, be scratching their heads - not bubbling with enthusiasm, and, at worst, they'll see it for what it may be, a safe money-grab on the part of Jackson.
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