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Re: Is SF in a state of exhaustion?

Science Fiction is becoming more closely related to reality, not because it attempts to predict the future and those prediction are coming true(which never really was the main goal), but because there exists a demonstrable condition of mathematical patterns and trends in industrial technology and biotechnology that are more quickly delivering what we can hypothesize and speculate upon. It is outpacing it even now. It is likely in my opinion that within 10 years, science fiction and science--both pure research and technological development--will often intersect in a real-time level, and the resulting moral, social and cultural questions are ripe for exploration, whether positive or negative. Any writer that doesn't acknowledge it is living an outmoded past. The best writers have already stated this, and suggest SF is struggling to keep up. Change is so common now even seemed previously amazing is ordinary to many...planet at Alpha Centauri, been there, done that...untethered hiking robots, same....downloading/uploading our brains, child's play.....drones over enemy territory using rudimentary AI for target choices, bought the movie...handheld computers with more power than a moon mission, don't make us laugh!

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