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Re: Aykroyd Comments on Murray, Ghostbusters 3! Working on Script w/Ra

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That's why I'd much rather see a remake / reboot than another sequel....

....A Ghostbusters III that trots out four fat guys in their 60s as a cursory nostalgia bone to the fans ... the idea really doesn't do anything for me, and I think it runs a very big risk of becoming unintentional self-parody.
I have a very strong feeling that this will end up a la Star Trek: Generations... twenty minutes to a half an hour in, the new guys will be the focus of the picture... and the only ones in any future films.

Aykroyd states as much in the many, many interviews he's mentioned the most recent project in the past few years.

This is a win-win, because it is essentially a reboot but the torch passing allows Sony to include the previous two films in whatever this ends up being... a trilogy at worst, a new series at best.

Of course...
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