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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Amoeba. Giant space amoeba.
B is for Balok. Child-like commander of the Fesarius.
C is for Ceti Alpha VI. It exploded six months after Kirk's Enterprise visited that system in TOS.
D is for Droxine. The Stratos hotty that fell for Mr. Spock.
E is for Earhart. As in Amelia. The crew of the starship Voyager found her still alive and in cryogenic suspension on a planet in the Delta Quadrant.
F is for the Fire Plains of Vulcan. One of T'Pol's favorite places back home.
G is for the Gorgon. As he commands, so you shall.
H is for Horta, she's a protective mother.
I is for Intrepid-class starship.
J is for Jenolen. A newly retired Scotty hopped a ride on her in 2294, only to be waylaid. For the next seventy-five years.
K is for Kang, Koloth, Kor, Kruge, Klaa, and Kerla.
L is for Landru, onetime ruler of planet Beta III thousands of years ago.
M is for Miri who looked like a kid but was actually 300.
N is for Natira, the high priestess of the Fabrini people of the asteroid vessel Yonada.
O is for Occampa, the elves of the Delta quadrant.
P is for Pacifica, an oceanic world of the Federation.
Q is for Q, the most annoying being in the universe.
R is for Remus, the sister world of Romulus and location of a massive dilithium mining operation.
S is for Soval, Vulcan ambassador to Earth.
T is for T'Pel, whom the Federation thought was a Vulcan ambassador but was really an undercover Romulan spy.
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