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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

EDIT: Was replying to O'Dib

^Maybe you're right, but you would think Bioware would put at least some focus on trying to entice back the million plus people who bought the game and quit. Not all of those people are jaded MMO vultures. Many liked the game but not enough to consistently sub. These draconian quality of life restrictions are going to drive them off as soon as they re-download the client.

As for the story being able to hook people...I'm not convinced. I've been playing Bioware games since NWN1 and frankly thought the SWTOR stories were mediocre. They aren't bad like DA2, but they aren't great either. It doesn't help that the class stories only account for a small fraction of the 1-50 experience. The rest is just traditional MMO fetch/kill quests with voice over.
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