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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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If MY wife had a baby conceived against her will by another man I would extend the love I had for my wife to the child, an innocent who while not being mine was the beloved of the woman I loved. Daniel had better get his head around this matter.
So you are content to bring a Goa'uld child home, a child that could probably destroy the Earth or enslave us all. And if the child could potentially destroy our planet, what do you think he's going to do to your kitchen, your DVD collection, your flat-screen TV, your car, and your carpets? Maybe you'll wise up the first time his eyes glow and he zaps you with his hand device, demanding Juicy Juice as he bores into your feeble, human brain, or maybe you'll just become his mindless servant.

What's going to happen the first time you pick him up from daycare and half the other toddlers are either dead, worshipping your wife's son as an evil god, or have snakes in their heads? Is that fair to the other parents?

I don't have kids myself, but if I did, one of the first things I'd want to know when picking a daycare center is whether any of the other children are Goa'ulds, Wraiths, vampires, werewolves, or possessed by Satan.
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