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Re: OT: Building AMT Millennium Falcon Kit

I decided to take a brief break from the Falcon. I have a new table-top game called X-Wing Miniatures Game. One of the scenarios in the rule book is a shuttle escort mission and, although there are models of an X-Wing and two TIE Fighters, the shuttle is just a token. I decided I needed a model instead of a token. I put one together over the weekend. It's built out of a collection of battleship life boats and a couple small turrets, a few small scale walnut barrels, a plastic pipette, and several lengths of styrene and wire, and some green epoxy putty.

Here's the unpainted scratchbuilt model along side the token it is replacing:

Here it is painted:

Here it is compared to the X-Wing provided in the game box:

I'll probably get back to the Falcon now, but I do have an idea for another scratchbuild, so... we'll see....

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