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Re: The characters and universe post-TOS

Despite Gene Roddenberry saying that Shatner was the start of Star Trek, I always felt that Spock was the center of attention. TOS was more or less the 1st 5-year mission where Spock lives according to his Vulcan ideals and denying his human side.

I have no problems with STTMP. Spock encounters V'Ger ande recognizes finally the value of his human side.

I prefer believing that there was a 2nd 5-year mission after STTMP where Spock begins exploring the meaning of being human and all the discoveries he will make in the process. Kirk and McCoy would still be an important part of that. But the secondary characters could also step up and play more meaningful roles in Spock's education in the human nature.

Uhura would represent love. Not necessarily as a romantic interest for Spock like in ST2009 but as someone who would mentor Spock in learning to appreciate people a step further than appreciating their diversity in accordance with IDIC.

Chapel would represent the idea of hope. In the novel Vulcan! by Kathleen Sky, Dr. Tremain agreed to help Spock develop his imagination that was stunted by his logical reasoning ways. Although I didn't care for the character of Tremain and her bigotry I did like that idea of helping Spock in developing his imagination and saw that as an ideal job for Chapel instead.

I never cared for the backstory of Saavik as an orphan on Hellgaard. Personally, I liked the idea of her being the daughter of Spock and the Romulan Commander from "Enterprise Incident." The way the Commander spun around in her chair when Kirk and Spock first met her is remarkably similar to how we are introduced to Saavik in STII as she spins around in the Captain's chair. Like mother, like daughter maybe in habits? Kirstie Alley said that she always practiced being like Spock and wanting to play his daughter but playing Saavik was the next best thing. Maybe closer than she thought? I like that idea.

Although Spock accepted the value of his emotions in STTMP, I still see him as leaning towards the humanistic or atheist end. McCoy, on the other hand, seemed to drop an occasional reference in his speech that might hint at a religious side. This could be a whole new battleground for Spock and McCoy to explore graduating from logic vs. emotion to humanism vs. religion. Spock died in ST II and came back to life. We see McCoy toying with him in ST IV about "life, death, and things of that nature." I'm not saying that Spock would accept Christianity or a religious point of view but I believe he would be curious enough intellectually to explore any possibility of its value before either accepting or rejecting. Lots of story line potential there as a running character arc for a 2nd 5-year mission after STTMP and leading up to ST II.

I'm not expecting everyone to agree with my views. Just sharing my personal take or reboot of the TOS universe.
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