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Re: John Simm wants to be the Master again

I dunno, it seems it would take something quite unusual to happen to allow the Master to return and not the other Timelords. And after what he discovered about his past, would he want to go back to his old universe ruling self?

But damn the story logic. I wouldn't mind seeing him back.

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Have you seen the "Eleventh Hour" Doctor Who confidential?

Moffat at the read through table had this cloud of superiority around him

"I am Steven Moffat, head writer and executive producer of Doctor Who"

Methinks he's got a bit of "Executive Producer Victorious" going on.
I'm not sure I'd take that comment quite that seriously. Hes been a fan since he was a small kid, and here he is at the first readthrough of the first story of the show he's now running. Can't say I blame him for having a *Squee* moment.
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